Dognacious: definition: adjective, a determined and vigorous pursuit of tools and best practices for the remote digital age.

It is a fact, not fake news: many companies today are not going back to the way things were. Many students coming up now will rarely be inside the office space previously held by their employers. The new consumer interface associate and the computer-based service provider will not work inside a business unless dealing with physical objects, like groceries, etcetera. Companies will continue to have their highly paid workforce, mainly computer-based jobs, work remotely from home. (IMAGE: Headline about Twitter, Facebook, and Silicon Valley)

Even before the Pandemic, the transformation to the digital workplace had begun. For example, we bought our last home while vacationing in Hawaii, right before the lockdown happened. The entire process of buying a home was completed on smartphones and a laptop. No more stodgy conference rooms jammed with agents, loan officers, escrow agents, lawyers, or even buyers and sellers have to go through a stack of legal documents. The Real Estate industry has boomed during the lockdown, but Realtors had to figure out how to show homes in a new virtual reality. Continue reading to learn more. (New page link to blog)

Since COVID 19, the physical workplace’s transformation to a digital platform has, by many estimations, accelerated 5-7 years. The workplace has changed, is changing now, and will continue to change with faster and faster cycles, like a runaway train. Only the agile digital worker will compete for the future’s highest-paying jobs. Perhaps some are still living with the illusion that “this will all be over soon, and we will get back to normal.” Now might be a good time to explain why many industry leaders have a different point of view. (Add: Quote for the CEL of Singapore’s Nation Bank)

WAKE UP CALL: (Press here alarm clock sound effect)


Many companies have increased profits dramatically even though revenues are down. Why? There are many reasons; lower risk, less building lease expenses, and energy costs. Don’t forget about stronger recruiting and maintenance of a capable and agile global digital workforce. As research has pointed out, ironically, companies realize their workforce is much more productive when not commuting (or affected by the regular distractions of typical office culture). Companies on the upward growth trend like remote workers because every dollar saved on overhead drops directly to the bottom line (EBIT). Even companies who used to send their sales force across the county to work with clients save money. Because their clients don’t want them there, and the office is closed anyway. So, everybody’s Zooming.

Companies also find that they have better talent acquisition capabilities when they do not have to force workers to move to a home office in another state, which may associate with a higher cost of living negatives that block chances at acquiring the best candidate. New employees also love this unexpected benefit from the lockdown. Guess what? Companies no longer have the moving expense of getting new employees hired or existing managers promoted and transferred elsewhere. Having been personally involved in four cross-country corporate moves, I can tell you it is a considerable expense. Look, employees want choices, companies want to have choices, let’s face it, everybody wants choices. So giving people choices is where we are now…and we are not going back. I promise! Read More (New section after Graphics)

Wait! What? We forgot to talk about parents.

Speaking of Parents.

Parents have had to make many hard choices this past year. Enrollment numbers are down, and traditional public school educators have made many hard choices as well. All one has to do is look at enrollment projections for next year. The trend is down, and our district will no longer have segregated middle schools in favor of a K-8 format. Parents are looking for simplicity, and sometimes that means they want the kids at home, learning in a safe and structured environment. (Home School Chart)  

If asked, parents who still want their kids to go to a physical school will tell you that they are looking for more control of the curriculum choices in their children’s educational pathway. Parents may not care if there is a computer lab at the school if students cannot work on the project from home because of pricy software and equipment. Parents are looking for flexibility, and that can mean students are on campus for part of the week and at home the rest. Some parents have had to move for work but still want their kids to graduate with their classmates. One internal report estimated that nearly 30% of students enrolled in the district were no longer living in California. Wow! (Rise in cloud app chart)


So now, can we agree that remote working and remote learning will not go away anytime soon? Are you ready to prepare yourself for the digital workplace? Do you need a resource for all things that support the digital classroom your workplace, your business?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have found a home here at  My team can bring you training, lessons, and videos that you can use with your team to make them digitally competent and agile. Many of our resources are free and are accessible on YouTube and other social media platforms.

I will also be curating a blog on critical best practices in digital learning, which will allow you to interact with my team of industry professionals. We will have a weekly Twitch program for live interactions where I will have my rotating panel of experts gathered to take on urgent topics and answer your big question: “What should I do now?”

Choices, choices, choices…everyone wants choices…

How do we, as educators, managers, and administrators, give everyone the choices they want? Stay tuned, check-in, and get on board. Together we will begin a determined and vigorous pursuit of tools and best practices to assist your transformation forward into the new remote digital age.  Hey, if a bunch of real estate agents can show homes virtually, and companies like Caravana can sell cars virtually, who’s to say your industry isn’t next on the block to be disrupted. It is ‘virtually’ happening all around us every day. (Chart of industries to be disrupted by 2030)

So what do you do? Well, you can follow us on social media and YouTube, join us on Twitch and sign up for our newsletter and participate in our blog discussion boards. We wrote the book on digital transformation. We have the knowledge, the resources, and consulting services to bring you, your classroom, your business, or your organization to the next level. 

On this site and our supporting social media, we will be showing everyone how to get a ticket, walk up to the platform, and hop on board the digital train…Transformation anyone?

ALL ABOARD! Don’t miss your train…unless you still prefer to use a buggy whip.

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