Rudy Strukoff, the driving force behind Dognacious.D, is a musician, designer, filmmaker and educator. He has taught guitar to students of all ages and has been teaching digital arts since 2016 to students from 6th to 12th grades. Rudy holds four teaching certificates and has taught in both public and private school settings.

Formerly a public school teacher at Santa Ana Unified, he has recently accepted a position at Old Town Artisan Studios in La Quinta and will be starting a music program teaching guitar and voice and a digital arts program in a brand new computer lab.

IIn addition to teaching music at OTAS, his new duties will include instruction of photography and graphic design, animation, film production and editing. 

Rudy looks forward to change as change has been a part of his evolving career. From stockbroker to regional equipment sales to managing 5 million in annual revenue for a fleet management company that leased over the road fleets to companies like Sysco Food Service and Coca­ Cola, he has developed many skills over the years that can benefit his students and colleagues alike.

Along the way, Rudy has toured the country with his band and as a solo artist, became a record label owner and producer. The music business naturally led him to become proficient as a graphic designer, photographer, promoter, guitar instructor out of sheer necessity. Rudy also owned and operated a brick and mortar music studio and art gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Oddly enough, it was the music business that brought Rudy into teaching. According to him, “Teaching is a profession that has brought me more joy than anything else I have ever done in my life.” He Looks forward to starting new programs at Old Town Artisan Studios.

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